What is the minimum dollar amount required to trade your system?

We have have traders that started with $2500 and they are able to trade YM and NQ .  Many other traders like to trade Crude Oil and Dax which requires more equity.

What is the typical risk on each trade?

I never risk more than 20 ticks per trade, however most stops are less than 10 ticks.  Therefore, I risk no more than $200 per contract with  most instrument only $100 per contract.  The Harmony Trading System teaches our students to manage their risk very closely.

Do you subscribe to supply and demand theory?

No. Support and resistance is a fallacy that most traders subscribe too.  It took me many years to unwind my thinking from this type of trading.  The most important aspect of trading for me is the relationship between price and volume.  When volume is in Harmony with price, I trade. When the market is in transition, I stay away.  You can see this process in action with a 2 day free trial.  Sign up for your free trial with the link below.

Do you use “resting orders” in your algorithm?

I use as a buy/sell stop limits ahead of time to get entry without paying slippage.

Do you use “Prints”, “VWAP” and “Block Orders” from order flow in your algo?

The Harmony Trading System’s (HTA)logic uses comparisons between order flow of block orders and price movement. “VWAP” is a factor that is used in the HTA Aura Cloud indicator and measures trend strength.  Our approach is unique because we are focused on the harmony between price and volume.
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Do you use moving averages?

They are  a used in the HTA Aura Cloud indicator indicator to measure overall direction.

What is your typical risk reward ratio?

3:1 is what I shoot for.  However, I am more focused on high probability trades than what the risk/reward ratio numbers.

Is your system for day trading?  If so what time frames are best?

Signals are generated by the Harmony Trading System is for Day trading and swing trading.  We teach our students to be excellent at understanding the markets and taking both approaches effectively.  I use the NT Renko for my  candles and  I do not use time frames.  Time frames like 1, 5, 15 minutes are very deceptive  and generates noise.  NT Renko does a great job  filtering that noise.  I will send you that indicator as a gift for signing up for our email list (use the link below).