About MeMy journey as a professional trader began shortly after graduating college. I became mesmerized by the lifestyle glorified by INC magazine of a professional trader. The fast cars, amazing houses, and travel around the world. I found myself working at a proprietary firm where I was taught the ins and outs of trading high volume stocks. I quickly showed promise and found myself becoming head manager and overseeing hundreds of traders worldwide, teaching them the trading method we were using. Life was good and I was starting to see the promises of that magazine becoming true. With all things, life is a process of phases. The proprietary firm closed its doors suddenly and I found myself looking for a new opportunity. I needed a change in perspective. This led me to a meditation retreat and during that time I truly learned more about myself than any other time in my life. I had one of those moments that defines and changes the way you think about everything. My defining moment came while I was relaxing on the ground looking up at a tree. I realized that nature is the best educator. Most of the innovations in the world is either mimicking nature or looking at nature and trying to find ways to understand it better. Staring at the tree from the bottom up versus looking at it standing up, something in that moment clicked for me telling me that I was looking at life the wrong way and needed to look at life from different angles. I started reevaluating all aspects my life. My quest lead me to become introspective and since trading is my passion, it became the next thing I wanted to re-envision. I wanted a way to look at the market that is more true to how it actually behaves. The tools that I found available to traders were lacking in profitability and consistency. So I asked myself, how can I improve this process so that I can visually represent true volume coming into price action? After many years of research and development that vision came true for me in the form of the Harmony Trading System. Becoming a professional trader has been financially and emotional rewarding for me. I share my journey, thoughts, and trades via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube Videos. Feel free to check out my posts. I love to trade and I want to help you become a successful, profitable, and consistent Harmony Trader.