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Learn how to Trade like a professional Hedge fund Manager

Why trade with George and the Harmony trading system?

I dedicated my life over the past 20 + years to be a student of the markets. We hone our craft of trading by consistently adhere to a rule-based system that is clear and precise in entries and exits. We talk about the logic of the trades prior to entry and transparent in our order entry and exit. We show our follow traders every trade taken and the outcome of the day and month. This approach is critical for new and experience harmony traders as they learn to successfully follow our trades and get confidence in growing their trading career.

We are passionate and focused at growing a community of successful trader. We created tools to simplify the trading process. The Harmony Trading system gives our traders the ability to decide within 10 seconds if the market is long, short or need to stay away. Along with an intensive person to person training. We equip our traders with the emotional and technical tools to navigate any market with confidence.

Ninja Trader
In the Trading Room I always Say “Winning in trading is a Habit”. Let us show you how.

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Should you buy a Smart Desk for your trading business?

The path of trading success requires the aspiring and seasoned trader to leave no stone un-turned to enhance ones trading edge. Yes having a high probability system is a must. However, what is frequently ignored by many is the environment in which you call your...

Mind Hacks for Professional Traders

Start your day with this Trading Mantra to get your mind focused on successful and profitable trading. Get your Mind right and you will get your trading moving on the successful Track. [video width="1920" height="1080"...

How to emotionally manage an expense ( losing) Day- Trading Crude Oil.

Lets agree on one thing if been a professional trader is a an easy profession, You would have everyone doing it and making millions in their pajamas. Some days you are the hammer and other days you are the nail. Today I had an expense day and would like to discuss...

5 Tips to becoming a successful Equity,Futures or Forex Trader.

(Simple Guide for the novice and seasoned trader). Why Do you want to be a Trader:If you are focused on the great deal of money to be made in trading. In my opinion you got your priorities twisted. The most successful traders are in love with the trading process and...

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